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"Fans of solo pianist Jennfier Haines ( have something new to look forward to, a beautiful collection of everyone's favorite traditional hymns: Blessed Assurance.

In a world intent on throwing curve balls and complications our way, Jennifer's gentle melodies offer a soothing balm; a reminder that when things spin out of OUR control, Someone stronger and wiser is still at the helm.

With 14 timeless classics ranging from "Amazing Grace" to "I Surrender All", this 45 minute CD is like a breath of fresh air, catching you up in a spirit of worship and devotion made all the more powerful by the sincerity and adoration of the vessel stroking the keys with passion from her God and King. It's breathtaking, tranquil, beautiful... unbelievably moving.

No matter where you are while you listen - at home, at work or on the road - you'll suddenly find yourself transported to your inner Sanctuary, tapping into the strength and security that only the Almighty can supply.

Tuning into Blessed Assurance is anything BUT a passive experience. As the music wells up within you, you'll catch yourself humming and singing along. And, if it's been a while since you've heard them, simply look inside and you'll find the lyrics and return to simpler times.

Life pulls us in a lot of different directions. Sadly, so many of them are the WRONG directions. Jennifer's latest album offers us a chance to run into the open arms of our Savior and be lavished in His love.

Softly and tenderly Jesus is calling,
Calling for you and for me...

Won't you listen?"
Jennifer Gibbs

"Blessed Assurance is a collection of fourteen classic hymns performed and arranged for solo piano by Jennifer Haines. As often as these old chestnuts have been recorded and performed in or outside of churches, Haines still manages to breathe fresh life into them, making them personal and contemporary without changing them TOO much. Most of these hymns have improvisations and variations on their themes which further personalize and update them. As a whole, the CD has a very flowing and gentle cast to it rather than being majestic or anthemic. And if you get the urge to sing along, Haines has included all of the lyrics in the liner notes. If you don’t want to sing, it’s still a big plus to be able to read the words to see what the songs are about (if you don’t already know them). Several solo piano hymn collections have been released over the past year, and as a reviewer, it’s been fascinating to hear the different interpretations of many of the same songs. They all have the same melodies played on the same instrument, and yet they are so different from each other - a clear indication of the personal impact of this music on the individual performers/arrangers. Fellow pianists will be happy to know that sheet music for all of these pieces is in the works.

The CD begins with a gently flowing arrangement of “It Is Well With My Soul.” Warm and optimistic, it’s a lovely opening. One of my favorites is “O The Deep, Deep Love of Jesus,” which is darkly passionate with an infectious energy. “Fairest Lord Jesus” has fascinating variations on the melody along with some unusual chord changes. “All Creatures Of Our God and King” is full of sunshine and joy - a call to rejoice and praise the Creator. It’s amazing that a hymn as old as “Blessed Assurance” could sound so contemporary - light, flowing, and again very joyful. Each verse of “This Is My Father’s World” is a different variation, giving each its own take on the melody. “I Surrender All” is quietly pensive and expressive. One of the happy surprises on this album is “Amazing Grace.” There must easily be a million different versions of this song, but Haines’ is unique. Rhythmic, energetic, yet soft-spoken and optimistic, it sounds brand new. Each verse has a different treatment, and each works wonderfully well. “Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus” will be a beautiful addition to anyone’s holiday collection. “Be Thou My Vision” has been turning up on a lot of piano albums the past year or two, and this is a song that lends itself to a wide variety of interpretations. Haines’ is lighter than many and is a real gem and a great way to close this lovely collection.

Jennifer Haines is working her way into the upper echelons of contemporary solo pianists, and “Blessed Assurance” should help to advance her a good deal farther up the ranks. Whether you are looking for a spiritual uplift or just some great solo piano music to listen to, check out this CD. It is available from,,,, and Earthsong. Highly recommended!"
Kathy Parsons

"Seven short years ago Jennifer Haines began composing. For an aspiring musician waiting to see the fruit of her labors this can add up to a lifetime. I can tell you it was worth the wait. I had the pleasure of reviewing Christmas Magic, Jennifer’s holiday album, and the warmth and tenderness she exhibited on that album show up everywhere on this one. All the pieces of Thought & Dreams are solo piano works. Occasionally, Jennifer hit a series of notes that are reminiscent of The Lanz Style of Music. I say this in a complimentary fashion. Her overall style is light, sparkling and intricate. Such is the stuff that dreams are made of.

Dark clouds roll on the horizon and a briskened wind sweeps the leaves from the paths. The trees bow and sway as the music fills you with a sense of urgency and trepidation. The opening track The Storm Begins has a lot of movement in the notes. Raindrops the size of pennies begins to fall with a tap-tappet-ta sound on the top of your umbrella. Instinctively, you head for home and safety.

There is a pair of songs called Ocean - Atlantic and Pacific that are quite remarkable and you can hear countless stories in the tunes. Jennifer does an excellent job of turning the past into music. You can hear about the Atlantic, a corridor between America and Europe that is dark green, violent and full of history and myth. It is the rough carpet that was crossed by explorers and armadas by the score and immigrants by the millions with the idea of discovery and hope fresh on the crest of every wave. The Pacific is clear blue, vast and a bottomless bowl to the hungry of several continents. It is a living breathing entity filled with unfathomable trenches and sleeping volcanoes. It is Mother Nature’s ongoing project.

Desert Beautiful is a favorite. It is the sound of hidden beauty and hope. For some the desert is a dry, ugly place with miles and miles of nothingness. To the practiced eye it is place of cactus colonies with outstretched arms, rainbow rock formations that delight the eye and life small and large that thrives despite the unfavorable odds. The sky may well be the color of God’s eyes.

There is something exciting about having a feeling and rushing to the door on a cold winter’s night and getting a surprise. The porch light makes sparkling whites jewels out of the millions of snowflakes that come tumbling silently in the soft illumination. The music you should be listening to is Jennifer’s tune Flurries. By morning Nature will have donned her spotless white mantel to the delight of all.

Finally almost at day’s end is Twilight. The bright orange-red ball of light falls from sight as the earth turns over for the night. The sun gives the earth a final goodnight kiss and the sky blushes with a rosy glow. It is an instance where time slows and hands and hearts touch with emotion. Jennifer’s passionate piano offers a sweet, but reluctant goodnight as well. This is another of my favorite tunes.

Jennifer Haines began her musical career at the age of three. Singing her own songs for self-amusement. She lost the passion briefly, but began again in earnest at sixteen and taught herself to play piano. It is apparent that she had an apt teacher. She began composing in 1999 and has seven albums to her credit. Artist, composer, guitar player and soccer mom. We can hear her faith and passion in her music, but where does she get the energy?"
RJ Lannan
New Age Reporter

"Pianist/composer Jennifer Haines’ new release, “Thoughts and Dreams,” has the distinction of being the first album I’ve reviewed from my new Oregon Coast home. Haines’ gentle musical optimism is the perfect accompaniment to watching the tiny birds I can’t yet identify darting from tree to tree in the summer coastal wind, the sky a bright blue backdrop with wisps of fog floating by. Haines’ previous release, “Christmas Magic,” is a delightful collection of her arrangements of favorite Christmas songs, but “Thoughts and Dreams,” is all original material, right down to the charming watercolor cover artwork. The music of “Thoughts and Dreams” is warm and inviting without being saccharine or superficial, and while a consistent mood is sustained throughout the album, the thirteen pieces are distinctive and individual. In the liner notes, Haines briefly explains the inspiration for the music, allowing us a glimpse of her private and personal world.

The opening track, “The Storm Begins,” reminds me a bit of Robin Spielberg, one of my very favorite composers. The contrasting of the high treble and deep bass notes is always effective, perhaps describing the bright first raindrops and dark, forbidding clouds. This is not a ferocious storm, but it has energy, and the piece is wonderfully refreshing. The title track is light and playful, referring to the artist’s ability to escape to her imagination in otherwise boring situations.  “Pacific” recalls a favorite childhood memory of a day at the ocean with her family and friend, and conveys the ceaseless rhythmic flow of the waves and their constantly-changing energy - beautiful! “Miles Apart” is a wistful musical love letter to parents who live far away, full of longing and deep emotion. “Desert Beautiful” depicts the richness of the desert, contrasting the delicate cactus flowers with the solid, awesome rock formations. “Wildflower” is a simple, freeform little piece that describes the varied colors and forms of wildflowers, as well as their gentle innocence as they sway in the breeze. “Flurries” is my favorite track. Energetic and dancing like the first snowflakes of winter, the piece has a free-flowing sense of excitement that is infectious and joyous. “Morning” promises a fresh start with the beginning of each new day. “Twilight” is an enchanting love song, telling the story of a romantic marriage proposal on the very spot where the happy couple met.  

“Thoughts and Dreams” is a delight from start to finish, and should boost Jennifer Haines into the forefront of contemporary pianist/composers. While not overly complex structurally or harmonically, the music comes from the heart and brings a gentle sense of peace and well-being. It is available from and Highly recommended!"
Kathy Parsons

"When the full weight of reality starts to set in, we could all use a little escape. Unfortunately, we don’t all have the luxury of running away from it all. At times like that, we need a little fantastical voyage, a journey through the imagination. Time to relax, reflect, do a little soul-searching…It offers magical moments where we can get away from it all, hiding in the shelter of our own thoughts, hopes and dreams.

 Spectacular solo pianist Jennifer Haines somehow just seems to “get” that. Her latest collection of creative compositions, Thoughts & Dreams is a beautiful 45 minute trek that’s pensive, poetic and moving. In a world that threatens to weigh you down with the trivial, mundane and the maniacal, this CD is like a soothing balm specially prepared by the very Muse of music herself.

 With thirteen breathtaking breaks from the normal chaos we call life, you could package and sell this album as therapy!

 I’m a big fan of anything Jennifer’s written, I’ve been listening to her for years. So, there’s a chance I might be a little biased. But there was something different about this album – it seemed more personal, more fragile, whimsical – somehow almost vulnerable. It caught me up and carried me away on an audio-visual adventure. I couldn’t have asked for more…

 And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better – it did! The album cover was so stunning (it turns out that Jennifer designed and created it herself) that I couldn’t help but take it out and take a peek inside. You should too!

 Rarely can a listener see the music through the eye of the composer. But that little peek inside was like taking a look at the world through the same window she did, caught up in those moments of plain and simple creative genius.

 Thoughts & Dreams ranks in the “Gotta Have It” category for New Age and Solo Piano enthusiasts alike, no questions asked!"
Jennifer Gibbs

"Hi Jennifer, I just picked up and listened to your new CD, "Thoughts and Dreams" for the first time. I must say, this is an *exceptional* solo piano album. One of the best I've had the pleasure of listening to for quite awhile. I have a stack of 13 solo piano CDs on my desk that I'm actively reviewing right now and yours is definitely the best in the stack. It's refreshing, and you definitely have your own unique vibe going on it. Congratulations on a job VERY well done. You should be proud. It's terrific."
David Nevue
Host of Whisperings Solo Piano Radio

"The sound of Jennifer Haines' solo piano music is clearer than the day after the storm and more pure than an Artic Circle icicle. Within the most agreeable traditional holiday fare is the freshness of a new winter day, the crystal laugh of children, and the passion that comes with faith and hope. Christmas Magic is fifteen tracks of holiday music that is light and soothing. Any version of O Come, O Come Emanuel never fails to move me and Jennifer accomplishes the task with aplomb on the track Noel Nouvelet/Veni, Veni Emanuel. There is a rather intricate version of The Coventry Carol, 1534 hymn with a controversial history, but lovely just the same. Weaving snippets of other memorable songs in her yuletide fabric, we are delighted by her rendition of We Three Kings. All in all, a remarkable album."
RJ Lannan's 2006 Holiday Reviews
New Age Reporter

"...Every holiday season brings with it a handful of new piano CDs, and I’ve heard so many over the years that it is hard to grab my attention.  This year’s most welcome grabber is Jennifer Haines’ “Christmas Magic.”  When going through it to choose tracks good enough for my radio show, every single one got a checkmark because of their originality and Haines’ sensitive playing..."
Gerry Grzyb,
The Post-Crescent, December 18, 2006

"I just finished listening to the Christmas CD you sent, and thought you'd like to know it will be noted as a Recording of Exceptional Merit on my program, and will be prominent in my newspaper column.   There are over 100 solo piano Christmas recordings on my shelves, so it really says something that yours could still catch my ear as something different, yet thoroughly in the Christmas spirit."
Gerry Grzyb,
Host of the Dr. Christmas radio shows on WRST-FM

"Christmas Magic” is Jennifer Haines’ fifth album to date, and is comprised of fifteen solo piano arrangements of traditional Christmas pieces. The arrangements are very stylized and played in a gentle flowing manner that remains consistent throughout the album. Thoughtful and reflective, these are more serious songs (no “Jingle Bells” or Santa tunes), meant to soothe and uplift. Haines’ playing isn’t flashy, but the arrangements are well-thought out and lovely to listen to, presenting these well-worn holiday nuggets in an original style that is decidedly different. If you aren’t looking at the liner notes, it could take a moment or two to figure out which song is playing - something I happen to like since I teach so much Christmas music to my own piano students. This might encourage you to listen to this CD at  various times throughout the year as well as during the holidays.

Haines’ arrangement of “O Holy Night” is much quieter than it is usually played. Often  complex and powerful, this version is peaceful and subdued. “God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen” is often big and brassy, but this is more of a sweet good wish or even a prayer. “Still, Still, Still” recalls a childhood dream of snow falling, and has a gentle, dreamy sparkle. I really like this version of “The Coventry Carol.” Dark and somber, Haines’ use of deep bass notes adds to the drama and poignance of the piece. Her calm yet intense arrangement of “Carol of the Bells” is also especially nice. Haines gives “Angels We Have Heard On High” a new rhythm that’s really interesting and refreshing. “Silent Night” is also very different. With original harmonies and a minor key, it still tells of perfect peace. “We Three Kings” lends itself well to a variety of treatments, and this one is very contemporary with a changing rhythm and improvisational touches. “Good King Wenceslas” is often jaunty and upbeat, but this version is flowing and rather poignant.

If you are looking for a Christmas album that sets a peaceful mood and keeps it, and provides arrangements that are different, “Christmas Magic” could be a perfect choice. I also really like the original cover artwork! It is available from Very nice!"
Kathy Parsons

The Cure for the Common Carol...

"I know, I know – what in the world do you need with another Christmas carol album? Well, you’re wrong, and I’m here to write you a simple prescription for the common carol – Jennifer Haines’ new album, Christmas Magic.

For those of you who’ve never had the pleasure of listening to this amazing young solo pianist – this is a great album to start with. The melodies – though renditions of the “same old songs” you hear every holiday season – are unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. Jennifer Haines is one of the few artists I’ve found in this world with the ability to create music that inspires more than just a musical experience, she somehow manages to transform it into an emotional, nearly mystical one. In Christmas Magic, her creative compositions have integrated a hauntingly beautiful deep and dark gravity that perfectly embodies the spirit of Winter. Unlike so many new albums that keep you constantly skipping through songs to reach “the best one”, from the moment you put the CD in and press play, you’ll enter into a meditative, introspective journey that lasts from beginning to end. And, in all honesty, the chances are that you’ll find yourself still plugging it in well after the ice and snow have melted away and the Spring thaw has arrived.

So, if you’re looking for a great gift to spoil yourself (or someone else) with, you’ll be hard-pressed finding another holiday album that can light a candle to this one."
Jennifer Gibbs

"Like electricity moving through a bare wire, Christmas Magic, Jennifer Haines new CD of solo piano arrangments of traditional carols, is full of channeled energy. The emotional tension is controlled and directed, but audible in every note she plays. At the same time, there is a soothing quality to her play, because the tension is constant, the volume modulated, the force contained.

The choice of songs is apropos to her treatments, consisting entirely of "serious" Christmas carols, with Good King Wenceslas the most lighthearted of her selections. She chooses to open with a meandering arrangement combining Noël Nouvelet with Veni, Veni, Emanuel. Meandering as a river, contemplative, and deep with power and meaning.

Christmas Magic is notable in its ability to maintain its intensity through fifteen songs and fifty minutes. Though not lighthearted, neither is there any hint of darkness. Pensive, but positive, Jennifer Haines guides the listener down a powerful but slow-moving river of traditional refrains, offering both comfort and contemplation in full measure."
Richard Banks

"Jennifer Haines looks to the simple things in life for inspiration: her husband and children, the seasons, nature and on her fourth self-release, her grandfather fishing. With just her piano, the East Moriches resident effortlessly finds the appropriate accompaniment for such pastoral scenes (living in eastern Long Island undoubtedly helps). The seven-minute "For Peter" is a pretty opener that sets the mood for this relaxing recording, as Haines' playing glides across the piano keys, taking full advantage of the instrument. "Sounds (Outside My Window)" was written during a sunny spring day, and you can just envision Haines in a big room with the curtains blowing in and rays of light shining on her. "Butterfly", an ode to summer, is an ironically chilly piece dotted with soothing crescendos. "Naomi's Dance" includes some tricky playing, followed by the flowing "Sway", a nice complement for trees swaying in the breeze. Finally, we're treated to the lovely title track, a peaceful tribute to her grandfather. With three other albums already behind her, this young pianist will eventually have more than enough music composed for all seasons and surroundings."
Kenyon Hopkin
Long Island Press Vol.2, Issue 29, July 22-July 28, 2004

Notes From Fans

"Hi. My name is Nathan V., I'm from Missouri. I would just like to say that your music is AWESOME!!!! And that you really inspire me, because I'm a pianist too, and I only had a few months of training. So, thank you soooo much, hearing your music and what you've done really makes me feel more confident about playing for church on Sunday mornings. I hope to buy some of your music in the near future. Thank you again."
Nathan V.

"I just came over to know more about you. Your Bio is amazing. Your husband is the key that your make all these music. Thanks for revive my "musical senses" with your experience."
Priscila C.
Birmingham, MI

"Hi Jennifer :) I'd just like to thank you for making what is, in my honest opinion, the best album in the world! Thoughts and Dreams feels like emotions writen down as sheet music... I'm sure u get this all the time, but hearing how wonderful the music u compose and play sounds makes me want to start playing the piano aswell :) I just discovered this genre of music, and u r by far my favorite artist :) Ur music sounds so complex, yet so very simple, and I have no idea how u actually make that happen, hehe... I've bought Thoughts & Dreams and Sky, but I still feel I'm hungering for more of your brilliant piano play, so do u have anything u have yet to release? :) This is the type of music I can listen to anywhere I go... Love your music...Thank you!"
Don't ever quit making it :D
Oslo, Norway

"I appreciate your artistry, emotionality, sensitivity and depth. It comes through your compositions.
Thank you so much."
Have a lovely day,

"Hi Jennifer, Just heard your "Aspen" on Whisperings. Very pretty. Thank you. You'll be on my iPod soon!"
Peter G.

"Ihre Musik fließt und perlt so schön dahin - wunderbar.
Your music opens the mind. Thank you for your music!"
Markus M.
Meitingen nearby Augsburg, Bavaria,

"You are the pianist who has bloomed flowers in my mind's garden."
Good Luck, Yurina.

"Jennifer, I have received the music* and think it's great. You should encourage all piano teachers to learn your style. I have one of my students playing the first page already. I am having a recital in January and she wants to perform your song. It's so exciting. Keep writing the great stuff!!!"
Sonya K.
Keyboard Konnection
Piano Teacher
Venice, Fl

*Refering to "Fairy Dust" sheet music

"Jennifer Haines's CD Thoughts and Dreams is a spiritual work of art. This CD gives me peace of mind and spirit much like what I experience when surrounded by the natural beauty of a Japanese Garden. Her piano playing and compositions are totally new compared to anything I've ever heard. Every chord and melody is like a splash of fresh water or a breath of fresh air. Throughout all 13 pieces I was amazed at how her left hand would play melodic counterpart to the right hand, sometimes even more melodic than the right hand. And she used the bass section of the piano with very rich and equally unique chords. It's almost as if she's discovered an entirely new harmonic structure that has never been explored before on piano or any other instrument. Jennifer has re-established and breathed new life into the whole definition and world of 'solo piano' and 'new age piano'!"
Steven Cravis

Hi Jennifer, Just listened to Catique De Noël (O Holy Night). A haunting song. Your musical arrangements and presentation are unlike any I've ever heard. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Holiday Season!"

"I've just "discovered' you courtesy of your track listings on the Free Solo Piano website. Your composition, Fairy Dust, won me over immediately. "
 Don B.
Eliot, Maine

"This is beautiful Christmas music as you have not heard before.... Soft and enchanting, pulling your heart into the story of Christmas and its true meaning with original interpretation and arrangement... Jennifer has brought new meaning to old favorites. The kind of music to write letters to , and look at memories of Christmas past to, and to gaze at snowflakes thru a window with a hot cup of chocolate... reflecting on silent nights, angels proclaiming the miracle of that awesome night, joyful bells and moonlit sparkling fresh snow. The kind you walk in with someone you love. To me there is a touch of meloncoly wrapped up in the glorious message that not all choose to accept ...........The proclamation of a Savior born to save the souls of man. "
 Cheryl G.

"Hi Jen, We received your new CD ( "Christmas Magic") and love it. I listen to it all the time."
 Your Friend,
Audrey K.

"Dear Jennifer, I wanted to thank you for sending us your CD,  Christmas Magic.  Your playing is truly beautiful.   The Coventry Carol and  Carol Of The Bells  will be added to our rotation, immediately.
I wish you and your beautiful family continued success and a very happy and healthy Holiday Season!
 Art Polimeno
Program Director & Head Elf

"The CD "Christmas Magic" by Jennifer Haines has become a 'must-have' to my Christmas collection. Keeping the Christmas spirit in a deep and meaningful way, every song warms your heart and touches you with it's contemplative movement. You've never heard a more beautiful version of Silent Night (Stille Nacht) or captivating rendition of O Holy Night. I will enjoy this CD during the holidays and all year long."
Melissa R.

"Jen, Thank you sooooooo much for the Christmas CD. I don't really have any Christmas CD's that I love...but now I have one! Your music is so beautiful."
Love Ya,
Brittany M.

"Jennifer, I adore your music, and have been listening to you for the last two or three years - maybe even more. I take you with me everywhere in the CD and you've helped me through many "are we there yet?" moments during my multiple cross-country jaunts! Thanks for your beautiful music and amazing talent!"
Jennifer G.

"I heard your music on and love your stuff. I’m a California boy and we don’t get much of that style of music played on the air. You are now in my regular rotation of music that is being played at home, in my car and at work."
 Kristian H.

"I first discovered your music when I received an iPod Mini for Christmas 2004.  I absolutely love your amazing pieces.  They are so expressive and moving. Thank you so much for your beautiful music!  If your music is an expression of who you are - then I imagine you are a wonderful, kind and happy person."
Rachel G.
Harpswell, Maine

"Hola, soy Silvia,tengo 18 añosy  vivo en Barcelona. Espero que puedas entender este mensaje, ya que sé que no hablas español. Quería decirte que me encanta tu música. Es genial. Eres genial. Me gusta mucho el piano, aunque no lo toco. Pero me gustaría. No tengo tiempo para apuntarme a clases de piano...Espero disponer más adelante de ese tiempo que tanto deseo, para aprender a tocar el piano tan bién como tú. Pero me parece que será imposible acercarse a tu talento. Solo quería felicitarte, porque tu trabajo es increible. La verdad es que solo escuchando el principio de una de tus melodias, me entran escalofrios. Enhorabuena!!! Eres inmejorable. Muchos saludos desde Barcelona. "
Una gran admiradora tuya,
Silvia G.

"Hi, Just (wanted) to send greetings from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina! I love your music! I have downloaded all I found on the internet. Just go on..."
Best wishes for you and your family!
Tarik D.

"Dear Madam, I found your site and was amazed about the songs I heard."
With regards,

"Hello Jennifer, Congratulations on your music which is so great."
à bientôt

"Hello I am Alan Szmid and I am 10 years old, I am of Buenos Aires Argentina...I love
"Tears","Jennifer's Song" and "Moonlit Echo"... "

"Dear Jennifer, I think that in this poor age, just as ever, we must appreciate good artists (and real art itself). I am not expert, but I realy like what you do... "
Milan S.
Czech Republic

"Jennifer's moods and modes take steps through time and place. A simple punctuation, like instructions in a French piano school, and a little touch of snow. Debussy could agree but prefered not to and so much friction was required to break the old rules that a certain spirit and innocence was given to music such as this. Jennifer can agree. She provides instant images of landscapes far away in time but emotionaly close. Lets hope Jennifer is stubborn enough to preserve this music. So many pianists are doing well but doing so much less than Jennifer Haines. "
Review from

"Hey Jennifer. I just want to tell you that, I love your music very much. It's like being in dreamland. Thanks for some great music "

"Greetings from Poland. I am writing on behalf of those who are charmed and awaken from melancholy by your music. It accompanies us I everyday life. It is our world of escapism from our horrible times.
For your talent...we thank you."

"Dear Jennifer, I am a girl of 16 years young and I have had a passion for music and musical instruments all my life. When I was younger I, like you, took piano lessons. I learned to play by ear at first and could memorize hard pieces even though one of my favourites is just a simple song, "Canon", by Pachelbel. But because of other problems in life then, I gave up trying to play, but have continued to listen to the pure joy of piano, especially by my favourite artist, Josh Groban. I found your site just today and listened to "Sounds"... amazing! Hearing that and reading your story has given me a new hope like you would not belive. I listened to it for 3 hours, over and over, and just went out and bought a new keyboard (my old one shorted out). There's no reason I can't play the piano. I'm going to learn it, and I'm going to learn it well. I just wanted to say thank you (so much!) for sparking my old piano flame. So...
Much Love and God bless,
Devon R.

"Greetings, I just wanted to take a second to tell you that I love your music. I came across your website by accident and enjoyed what I heard. Have a merry Christmas, and I look forward to hearing the album."
Jeremy M.

"Mrs. Haines, I don't often go as far as to write to a songwriter to comment on his/her music, but in your case, I must make an exception. As a teenager in a rock band, I rarely take the time to listen to anything without distortion or intricate guitar, bass and percussion. I too play piano and at the end of the day I put the heavy music on the shelf and put your music on. For me, your song "Sounds (Outside my Window)" is the perfect blend of light and dark, major and minor. The return to the opening theme at the end of the piece is perfectly placed and the theme itself is one of the most memorable and enjoyable piano lines in contemporary piano music. I have yet to find another modern day pianist that can deliver song after song of melodies that I don't mind getting stuck in my head. It becomes very easy for me to clear my head and just concentrate on the music when I listen to your songs. I like what I hear. Keep up the good work, it sounds amazing."

"Jennifer, I just wanted to thank you for the incredible music that you've made available to everyone. I am 16 and upon becoming overwhelmed or stressed, you're music is always so soothing! Thank you so much, you're music is truly a delight for all ages!"

"Dear Jennifer,Thank you for the wonderful renderings of solo piano. I just found the website this a.m. and I find the music very soothing while I bang away at my keyboard (Computer). You have a wonderful gift and I enjoy your music immensely."
Derek B.

"Your music is fabulous, if only I could learn to play piano as you do .... it is so relaxing !"
Best wishes from Paris,

"Jennifer-your playing is beautiful and full of emotion...I love it..keep it up! Only 9 months of piano lessons? You have a lot of raw talent and I'd like to hear more".

"Dear Madam , I listened to your music today for a long time... You have done an excellent work."

"Hi Jennifer, I really like your stuff (especially "Naomi's Dance"). Best of luck in your career!"
Brandon S.
New York City

"Dear Jennifer, Just dropping you a line to say how much I like your music ;-)...there is no doubt in my mind of the ability you have to inspire people through the creative art of music. "
Kindest Regards,
Keith D.
Dundee, Scotland

"..I just want to say I love your music. I came across it one day while surfing the web and fell in love with it."
Stacy W.

"Jen- we love your CD's- you've really been gifted as a writer & recording artist. We are so proud of you."
Bob and Julie L.
Klamath Falls, OR

"Jennifer, We have your first two albums Autumn Leaves and Sky. Our favorite song on Autumn Leaves is "Loss". We lost our home last summer in the fire* here in Arizona. That song, even with out words, has touched our hearts so much. We keep your music in our CD changer and listen to it often. Keep up the awesome work and we can't wait until the next album comes out."
Jerry and Barbara L.
Pinedale, AZ

* The 2002 Rodeo/Chediski fire

"Jennifer.. I really like your stuff! I think that it is really pretty and its very relaxing to listen to! We have just had exams and I found that my favourite piece, Fairy Dust, helped me relax and study well! It paid off too!"
Lyndall H.

"Jennifer Haines has amazing abilities to produce music that can let your imagination run.. Listening to her music brings up wonderful memories for me of times, places and people that I love dearly. Her music also inspires my creative talents and I love to play the music while I am working on my projects. My mind wanders and soars with her inspirational pieces. I would even dare to say her compositions could rival that of the great composers. Truly wonderful,inspiring,imaginative,talented music!! A MUST FOR ANY MUSIC LOVER!!

Well done Jennifer.. Wishing you many more successes!!!! A Number 1 Fan!!"
Edinburgh, Scotland

"Jennifer Haines' imaginative music, evokes an atmosphere of contemplation. An uplifting experience in the many colors of the human soul, Jennifer's expressive gift is not bound by convention. I love to use it as a catalyst for my art students in the form of background music in class. I highly recommend it. Play it during the dinner hour, too. It's very relaxing."
The White Mountains of Arizona

"Jennifer Haines captures a sense of peace and tranquility in her solo piano that is unique to many other composers and artists I have heard. With this uncanny ability, she creates a calm haven of seclusion that the listener can enjoy over and over again. I definitely recommend this CD (Sky) to anyone whether it’s for the car, at home with coffee or a good book, or any other excuse to relax. I myself listen in the morning while I drink an espresso and watch my little town in Italy wake up."
Melissa R.
Rettorgole, IT

"Jennifer, I just wanted to let you know how much peace your CD (Autumn Leaves) has brought me as I drive in my car. The music puts me into a "good" feeling state. The gift God has given you is wonderful. May you always look to God for your gifts and talents and know how much your gift of music has blessed many peoples lives. You have touched my heart deeply."
Laurie M.